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Lauren X AIDS Healthcare Foundation

As an advocate for healthy lifestyle practices, I feel it is important to promote awareness in all aspects of health, even those that involve societal taboos. I partnered with the AIDS Healthcare Foundation's "Reducing the Stigma Campaign" as a billboard model and advocate for promoting safe sex and getting tested for sexually transmitted diseases. A lot of people tried to discourage me from being a part of this message, in fear that I would too be stigmatized. However, I decided to push through and be a part of the change I wish to see, and in the end it allowed for a lot of dialogue and learning. The campaign allowed for a lot of people to approach me and get directed to resources,...

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Party with Lauren!

Hey guys! Welcome to my page, and even more, welcome to my blog! I chose the blog name Party with Lauren because, well, obviously, that’s what I like to do.  As an undergraduate student at the University of Maryland, I worked with the Executive Board to create the first ever Charles Drew Pre-Health Fair on campus, which was the start of many great things to come. What most people don’t know about me is that I love to party with a purpose. My passion in healthcare and medicine led me to events by mistake, as a pre-med student and volunteer for the Association of Black Women Physicians Organization’s Annual Charity Benefit throughout the years. I then joined the Black Women...

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Lauren Los Angeles X Amber Rose Slut Walk

The reason why I applied to intern with the Amber Rose Slut Walk was because of its underlying mission to provide services to the underserved and give a voice to an underrepresented population. I respected the fact that a celebrity had been vocal about societal issues, and I wanted to be a part of making the event successful with my skills and background in the non-profit world. What most people fail to realize is that aside from being a festival, the event gives a platform for people to speak on injustice and access resources. We had AHF testing those on site, as well as proceeds from the event being applied to provide therapy sessions for victims of domestic violence. In the...

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