About Lauren

Lauren is from Naperville, IL, by way of Washington D.C., Guadalajara, Mexico, and currently residing in Los Angeles, CA.  Since second grade she has been fascinated by the field of medicine, and has long aspired to be a physician. In earning her Master of Urban Public Health and doing medical missions in Mexico and Guatemala, Lauren’s vision of typical medicine has changed and expanded into a wider realm. Her passion for impacting disparities as they exist has encompassed her experiences in Hollywood in being on various tv sets and holding a billboard placement throughout the city for AIDS Healthcare Foundation. Lauren aims to tie together both the healthcare industry and entertainment industry to create change and promote healthy lifestyle behaviors and is doing so with her past authorship in a farmers market grant and her involvement with Amber Rose’s Annual Slut Walk. Her perspective of public health drives her to make the world a better place for all through the power of shared experiences and outreach.  It is her firm belief that through education, initiatives, and events designed to harness the social power of individuals, we can foster productive relationships and collectively move towards the betterment of society.